Friday Jan 30, 2009

I wanted to continue with the progress that Tequila made. Ashley wasn't interested in working her as she already deemed her an IDIOT. The weather wasn't cooperating as we had a cold front moving in and it was windy and weird out. I had a hard time getting Tequila & Kahlua to separate. I finally got them separated only to have Tequila take down the gate again. I moved my brand new heavy duty panels in place to separate them. My daughter, Katlyn, called I had to pick her up & take her to the airport......not an ideal situation but I wanted to see if Tequila would face up or not. She did in less than 10 minutes so I left it at that.

Ashley had been working with Kahlua who leads fairly well on the line, going through tight places, & loads into the trailer. Ashley really needs to keep up with the blog here............

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