Monday Feb 2, 2009

I really haven't tried to work with Kahlua as Ashley had expressed that she would be her main horse, the one she really is concentrating on. So I start playing with Tequila again same thing....get her to face up, put a halter on, play with ropes all over her. No problems! Yes, she is nervous & will move away when she is not sure but she is no longer looking to escape.
Ashley comes over as I'm playing with Tequila.....stands next to her, makes a big production out of petting her on both sides, does her little jumping jacks…and…off goes Tequila!!

She did not want to stand for that. We bring her back and do the whole deal again. Ashley hangs her weight off of her withers...repeat that a couple of times. Ashley slowly lifted her weight over Tequila's back not too much but just enough to lift her feet off the tub 4 inches. Of course I was not ready to take a picture so she had to do it a second time.

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