Thursday Feb 5, 2009

I arrived home to find Tequila & Kahlua out in the yard. Luckily they came right back into to the pens because I don’t enjoy chasing horses around the property. I repeated everything with Tequila again today she did really good so I put her up.

I brought Kahlua into the round pen because Ashley said she was being an IDIOT. I started round penning her and yes Ashley was right, Kahlua was acting the fool. She managed to crash through the round pen and got out into the yard with the herd this time. I took a break & by that time she had come back into the round pen via the new doorway. After rigging up a barricade in the new “doorway”, I started round penning again. This time I didn't allow her the time to think about escaping. She finally let me put a lead on her. Good thing too as she had a nice wooden splinter lodged in her neck. I removed that & played with her a little bit more, brushing her neck & picking up her front feet. She did well so I finished there.

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  1. I think you should look into Lowe's or Home Depot as a sponsor.... J/K :)