Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Okay – now it’s time to get Tequila going. We separate the two mares and Tequila wants to get back with Kahlua again. She’s testing the boards and panels as I am asking her to go around the round pen. I get her to change direction several times and she hates giving you any kind of eye contact and doesn’t like to go to the right at all. She does really well for a few minutes and then its back to testing the height of the round pen and she still will not give you her eye. Ten minutes later round penning and reversing, she finally gives you her eye and with a quick step back I ask her to face up. No go!! She’s still looking for a way out of the pen and it’s right back to round penning. After another 5 minutes, she is dripping with sweat – but from being nervous – not from any heat or excessive running and she FINALLY gives you here eye again. QUICKLY I ask her to face up and YAHOO I get it but only for a second. She’s still looking for a way out, but it’s back to the round pen and reversing direction several times before she relaxes and gives you her eye once more. I ask again for the face up and YES, she does it! Now will she let me approach? NO, it’s too much for her and back to round penning. Repeat…..repeat……repeat and she finally faces up and stands there for me to approach. We have licking and chewing, a good sign, but will she stay standing? YES!! My out-stretched hand is 2 inches out of her reach and will she take the initiative? YES – she touches my hand and doesn’t even consider running off. It’s time to end this session. What a great feeling!

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