Tuesday Feb 3, 2009

I got off work didn't really want to go play with the ponies. I wanted a nap. Ray told me I had made plans & I better keep them, so off I go to work with the girls. I got Tequila separated from Kahlua and started at the beginning again. Round pen, face up, halter,.............then I think “What the heck!” let's see if she will give me her feet. No problem! She lifts all four for me WITH my hands – no rope!! So I repeat lifting her feet and tapping on them. She even held them up so that I could clean them. Played with the ropes on her as well as the saddle blanket all while getting her to turn inside & outside. I keep lifting her feet, too. Another great session!!!!! Poor Kahlua she hasn't had me play with her yet.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like Tequila is quickly becoming your horse. :)