Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

Ashley separated the mares and Kahlua could have cared less. Tequila, on the other hand, was having none of it! She managed to wipe out several gates and panels in her quest to be reunited with her new buddy. She even managed to get out in the main yard with the herd and ran around for about 5 minutes before she decided to come back to Kahlua. We promptly locked her up in the stock trailer so she wouldn’t hurt herself or damage more property. Tequila has earned her name for sure!

Now that Tequila was safely held in the trailer, it was time to work with Kahlua. Round penning – she turns and reverses direction. She keeps her eye on you and you ask for a face-up – will she do it? Yep she has it, but will she approach? NO, not yet, but she will allow you to approach. She also let me play with the ropes all over her body and even around her legs. Repeat….repeat….repeat. Back to round penning and ask her to give to pressure on her halter….but OOOOPS!!! She didn’t like that and popped up, managed to lose her balance and crashed into the round pen. She broke some boards and got herself stuck, so we took advantage of that and sat on her neck so that she would stop struggling to get up. I petted her wherever I could reach while Ashley got a rope in place to flip her over and clear the rails. Now that she’s up, will she be totally freaked out over the experience? NOPE!! She still allows you to approach and will approach you when she feels pressure on the rope. As it was getting dark, we released Tequila from the trailer. Ashley then asked Kahlua to load and unload in the trailer. She did so several times and even BACKED out of the trailer! What a great ending to what could have been a disastrous day!

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  1. Kahlua seems like she has a sensible head on her shoulder if she went thru all of that and STILL ended on a successful note. :)