Sunday Jan 25, 2009

On our way back from Texas and the Mustang Magic competition (with Captain Morgan and the newly adopted MM horse – Seagrams 7 or Grey Goose), we stopped to pick up our Gatorland EMM horse, Kahlua. Though we were only expecting one, we ended up with two! After much discussion on the name for the new mare, it was decided that Tequila fit her best. (Kahlua is from Buck ‘N Bald and Tequila is from Maverick Medicine)

We stopped by a friends house for dinner and showers to help wake us up and arrived home about 2:00am Monday morning. Thank goodness for Ray as he set up some panels for us to make a chute from the horse trailer to the round pen. They off-loaded calmly and we left the trailer there in case we needed it for future use.

We grabbed just a couple hours of sleep as Ashley and I both had to work Monday. The mares were left in the round pen to mill around and let Ashley get a feel for them.

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