Friday February 27, 2009

Poor Pat turned all the horses out only to be told that they needed to stay in…….

After cleaning up around the yard, I again play with Tequila. I have several areas that need to be worked on today including getting Tequila to approach, and backing.
Tequila is now turning and facing up but stays at the rail. I can approach her, scratch her shoulder, turn and walk away. Tequila will follow and she will stay with me….YAHOO!! I walk to the middle of the round pen and put her halter on. I go to pick up her feet; she moves off. Now she has to do a couple of laps around the pen. I settle her back down & bring her back into the middles. Again I attempt her feet….I can pick up all 4 feet; bop her with a fun noodle……she stays with me. Next I saddle her still with out a lead line….guess she figures if she stands she doesn’t have to work.

I work her over the obstacles with the saddle on. I jiggle what can be jiggled on the saddle, flop the stirrups down. Although she gets anxious a few times she settles right back down. I get her to flex her neck left and right, the right side being a little harder. I wiggle the saddle and step up into the stirrup from the left side…no problems. I go to the right side and repeat the saddle wiggle, step up into the stirrup. I’m by myself so I do not attempt to get sit in the saddle.

Backing will have to wait until another day.

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