Thursday February 26

I’m working on getting Tequila to face up to me ……she will but she won’t leave the fence. I can walk up to her, pet her shoulder, and put a halter & lead on her. Tequila is still hesitant on approaching me, yet she will let me brush her all over. She goes over all the obstacles with no problem. Tequila is still having issues with being by herself when all the other horses are turned out, but she is no longer attempting to jump the panels. We’ll count that as progress made!
Since she has been so good with all the obstacles I’ve given her so far, I decide to bring out the “BIG GUNS” – which in this case is a bubble machine. If you have never used bubbles as a desensitizing tool for your horse, I suggest you give it a go. You are probably thinking that bubbles should not scare any horse. But they do! We’ve used the bubble machine with many horses and there might have been ONE that accepted them calmly. So, I set up the bubbles for Tequila; turn it on, and……. NOTHING!! She doesn’t even pay attention to them! (Maybe I’ll try a helium balloon next – they’re as bad as bubbles!)

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