Sunday Feb 8, 2009

Ray worked on repairing the gates & panels that Tequila and Kahlua so kindly demolished.
I worked with Tequila repeating everything again. Repetition helps cement what they’ve already learned and it’s also a comfort zone in doing something they understand. I broke out the tarp and it didn't phase her at all! I folded it & placed it over her back. I opened it and covered her whole body and even shook it next to her. Then I brought out the saddle pad flopped it all over her body….. NO PROBLEMS! Next came the ratty beat-up saddle and put it on her back. I cinched it up ......still no problems.
I asked her to walk with it……OKAY there is a limit to what she will allow! She scooted off to the other side of the round pen and gave a few bucks as she went. I caught her back up & tried again, she was fine with that. Guess she figured out it wasn't going to eat her. Tequila really like her forehead rubbed, so I did that. Unsaddled her, put her up & brought Kahlua out.

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