Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Well haven’t played with girls in days now….so I need to start at the beginning & see what they have retained. Ashley’s schedule & mine are like 2 ships passing in the night. We try to keep each other updated on their progress, but we aren’t always successful.
I start with Tequila, she round pens okay and her turns towards the inside are not consistent. She doesn’t “flow” nicely but she does give you her attention rather quickly. You still have to approach her because she isn’t going to approach you. She allows me to move around her with no problems. I can pick up all 4 feet and lead her around the round pen. She does quite well. I stop there as I’m on a good note. I then work Kahlua since her leg looks fairly well. I work on her round penning and she is paying attention to me. She is turning when I ask for it. With her smooth inside turns and reverse of direction, she looks like she’s doing figure eights. She will stop when asked & as long as I keep my hand extended she will approach it. I get a lead line on her & start working on getting her to allow me on her sides. It seems like we get nowhere, but she is allowing me on the side and to run my hand over her top line to her rump. Kahlua is really not sure about you being next to her so I finish on a good note. I’m not able to spend all the time with them that I want or need to since the sun goes down by 6:30PM and working full time takes up most of my daylight hours. I’ll be glad when the time change happens in March!

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  1. I am ready for the change too! I am glad to see you have gotten a minute to update the blog. You guys have your hands full with two.