Wednesday March 4, 2009

I start with the round penning Tequila does great but likes to stay at the rail when she faces up. I can approach her, so for now that will do; hopefully she will start to approach me. She will stand in the middle with out being tied. I can lift all 4 feet, bop her with the fun noodle, play with her legs, and saddle her. I repeat all the saddle wiggling & jiggling then I step up into the stirrup. I go to the other side and repeat it all over again. I swallow hard and sit in the saddle; I’m just going to sit. I’m not asking her to move off but I will move around so that she gets accustom to a rider moving above her. I don’t push the issue I get down and mount up from both sides several times, she is quite comfortable. I think that is fine for now, besides Ray is working on his boat on the other side of the stalls. If she gets silly & dumps me no one will know until dinner time.
I work a little on her backing and no problems there. We go over & around a few obstacles she has no problems with them. I unsaddle her without her being tied again she just stands there.
After Sunday’s ‘words’ I decide to go back to loading Tequila into the stock trailer.

OH NO!!!! We have issues Tequila is no longer willing to load into the trailer on her own. I load her but I have to use pressure from behind in order to do so. This not good…….

I want to make her want to get in the trailer so instead of just loading & unloading I’m going to give her her feed & hay in the trailer. She can eat in the trailer while I scoop poop and water everyone else.

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  1. WOW, you were very brave getting up there with no one around. Good job!!!