Monday Feb 9, 2009

After work I (Darlene) went out to play with Tequila & Kahlua, I decided that Kahlua needed to go first. I round penned her she faced up really quick. I managed to get on both sides of her; it is a really slow progress as she doesn't feel comfortable with you there. Ashley finally stumbles out to the round pen; I gave her Kahlua to play with. I went to the 20 x 20 to play with Tequila.....................Ashley is asking what is wrong with her hock????? I tell her nothing it's a capped hock. She is still insistent that something is wrong with her hock & she is off (lame). Well if you are standing on the left side of her you see nothing wrong. Ashley gets Kahlua to turn so that I can view her from the right side. There it is, right below the hock area her leg is extremely swollen. Ashley & I switch the horses. She plays with Tequila & I attempt to see what is wrong with Kahlua's leg. It is not an easy task as she does not like you on the side of her. Ashley thinks it's broken but I tell her she is putting weight on the leg. Ashley tells me to leave her alone as she has got to be in a lot of pain. Ray pipes up ..."It's an abscess" abscess Ashley & I say “Yeah, right!”

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